Oil Mist Separator

Oil Mist Separator

Oil Mist Separator



For example, hydraulic power units are used as oil circulation lubrication systems. These systems are used to cool and lubricate bearings and gears. Oil circulation lubrication is particularly advantageous for large or fast-running gear units, where the rotational speed or ambient temperature can cause a high temperature load. The oil in the circuit is removed from the hydraulic tank and fed back again. During operation, the oil is returned to the hydraulic tank very warmly and also quickly, so that it is swirled in the tank and present in the air as aerosol. Small to very small oil aerosols are pressed into the environment by the ventilation filter. The oil particles are inhaled and settle on all components.

The fine aerosols can cause serious long-term health damage to the affected employees. In addition, the affected systems and rooms have to be cleaned at great expense, which causes high costs. It should also not be neglected that the precious resource oil has to be refilled regularly. Oil mist separators from GIEBEL are a very effective solution to protect the environment from oil particles. By using these adsorbers, the large oil aerosols are returned to the tank by condensation and the small oil particles are bound in the adsorber.An outflow of oil mist is thus completely prevented and the function of the hydraulic system is permanently ensured.

Test benches in particular place high demands on components and must function permanently and reliably.The use of GIEBEL Adsorber is intended to protect the environment from contamination with oil mist. The very small oil particles are bound by the attraction forces of the activated carbon and remain in the adsorber.

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