Barrels & IBC-Heat Cabinet

Barrels & IBC - Heat Cabinet

Barrels & IBC - Heat Cabinet

Storage and processing of substances in barrels stored in thermal barriers will attract moist air from the environment. This humidity contaminates the storage medium. For example, isocyanate crystallizes, oils become saturated with water, and biofuels form bacteria and sludge. Respiratory dryers are a very effective solution for protecting hygroscopic substances in thermal barriers. To protect barrels of isocyanates, polyols, oils, fuels, etc. in heating cabinets, GIEBEL has developed a special adsorber with its innovative competence. Further information on aeration of drums and IBCs can be found in our application flyer.

Choose the volume of your keg or IBC container below the table to find the right adsorbent for your application.



Application Heating cabinet up to 140°C

Operational material

All substances, isocyanate, polyols

Material Aluminium & FKM & molecular sieve


Refillabel YES

According to ATEX 2014