Storage Tanks-Aluminium

Storage Tanks - Aluminium

Storage Tanks - Aluminium

Moist air leads to condensation on cooling of tanks and thus to a considerable reduction in the quality of the substance contained. For example, biofuels form bacteria, algae and molds, and sulfuric acid causes moisture to destroy the tank. GIEBEL has developed special tank ventilation dryers for the ventilation of tank systems made of aluminum. Moist air is dried and filtered. The tank can breathe and the dry supply air ensures a constant quality of the storage medium. With the right accessories, there is no overpressure in the tank even without gas recirculation during the filling process. While a well-designed aeration dryer protects the tank contents in aluminum tanks very efficiently, handling is easy. The color change of the silica gel from orange to green indicates the state of the adsorber. Further information on the ventilation of tanks can be found in our application flyer.

Select the tank volume of your aluminum tank below the table to find the right GIEBEL tank ventilation dryer for your aluminum tank.



Use purpose Adsorber


Adhesives, resins, isocyanate, polyols, hydraulic oil,  gear oil,
Organic oil, vegetable oil, transformer oil, insulating oils,
AdBlue (urea), diesel fuel, amines, flame retardant,
PU metal catalysts, diethanolamine, silicone, gasoline, kerosene, acetic acid, polyethylene glycol,
  Isopropyl alcohol, methanol, diethylene glycol

Brake fluid, SKYDROL, HyJet IV & V, acetone, butyl acetate, ethanol, ethyl acetate

Material Aluminium & FKM Aluminium & EPDM





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