Spare Parts

Spare Parts

For GIEBEL adsorbers there are two possibilities of maintenance. For the series VV-D / VV-DV / VG-D the adsorber cartridge is completely replaced. With the series VV-R / VV-RV / MA-R / MA-RV / ME-RV / VG-R, a spare parts kit can be used or only the pure adsorber can be exchanged.

Detailed instructions for the procedure are available online on our homepage at For all series, a detailed description of the exchange is included in the respective maintenance and installation instructions. 




To identify the correct spare parts kit, please proceed as follows:

1. enter the article number or name of your adsorber in the search in the web shop

2. select and display the adsorber. The corresponding spare part for the adsorber is listed in the lower area.


ONE-WAY Adober

Typen: VV-D / VV-DV / VG-D


Typen: VV-R / VV-RV / MA-R /

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