Weather influences as well as constant load changes of transformers cause temperature fluctuations and thus a pressure equalization with the environment.
The moist ambient air drawn in during cooling leads to hydrolysis of the cellulose paper in the transformer and thus to a reduction in its degree of polymerization. GIEBEL dehumidifiers protect the transformer by effectively drying and filtering the humid supply air.


To prevent damage caused by condensation, the use of a dehumidifier is an indispensable measure. The incoming air is dried and thus the water content and the dew point are greatly reduced. In addition to a mechanical valve system and an air filter element, these silica gel dryers make use of the regenerative capacity of the desiccant used. For further information on the ventilation of hydraulic power packs, please see


Select your tank volume from the following table to find the GIEBEL Adsorber that suits you best.


  05.0060.42 06.0020.19 06.0020.09
Adsorber VV-RV TB-RV TM-RV
Application standing hanging
Polycarbonate, Polyamide, FKM
Silica gel Orange
Aluminium, Polycarbonate, Polyamide, FKM
Silica gel Orange
Stainless steel A4, FKM
Silica gel Orange
Use according to ATEX 2014 No No Yes
Offshore Suitable No No Yes