Molecular Sieve 13X

Molecular Sieve 13X

Molecular sieve 13X (so-called zeolites) are drying agents of type X and have 1-2x n-modules. As a result, the polar forces are somewhat weaker and these zeolites also selectively absorb non-polar organic substances in addition to water. These are synthetically produced aluminosilicates. Zeolites of type 13X contain sodium in their crystal lattice (Na86[(AlO2)86(SiO2)106]), the resulting pore diameter is approx. 1.0 nm. This constant structure results in a very high inner surface area of up to 1250m²/g. Together with their high electrostatic adsorption forces, these molecular sieves are therefore ideally suited for air drying.

Molecular sieves achieve a high absorption capacity even at low relative humidity. Thus they are able to dry the supply air very strongly. This makes it useful wherever the degree of drying is a decisive selection criterion. The maximum water absorption in a fully saturated environment is approx. 27%. There is no colour indicator to indicate the loading condition.



Chemical Composition: Sodium-Aluminium-Silicate

CAS number: 1318-02-1

Structure X
cations Na+
Actual pore size 0,74 nm
Effective pore size 0,9 - 1,0 nm
Appearance and shape Beige, solid balls
particle size 3 - 5 mm
bulk density 0,60 kg/l
pore volume 0,35 - 0,70 ml/g
breaking strength > 60 N
Specific surface 650 - 1250 m²/g
575°C Loss on ignition < 2,0 %
rate of abrasion < 0,2 %
water absorption capacity > 270 ml/kg
regeneration temperature 300°C


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