Adsorber MS-R

Adsorber MS-R

The MS-R stainless steel adsorber is made entirely of A4 stainless steel. With a filling capacity of 50kg desiccant up to 20l water from the air and thus has a long maintenance interval. Thus, large storage tanks can be efficiently ventilated, even in offshore applications.

Use in accordance with ATEX product directive 2014/34/EU in zone II 2 G / D IIC T4 is also possible, as is use in accordance with corrosivity category C5-M. Two large openings allow the loaded silica gel to be quickly removed and replaced by fresh gel. In combination with a venting system and a supply air valve, the air flow into and out of a tank can be controlled in a targeted manner.

Due to the optimized design, these adsorbers can be maintained very quickly and at low cost. The wearing parts or the pure desiccant are quickly inserted and the protection of the plant to be ventilated is restored.

Further information about the GIEBEL adsorbers of the series MS-R can be found under

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Adsorber MS-R 35L Valve G2"m

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Adsorber MS-R 35L G2"m

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